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or Ear Fiddles


Yes, I know they don't fit, but we're keeping the V's for our classifications. Most were made by the Maryland Glass Company from the 1930's up through the late 50's. It turns out they are as old, or older than the more popular LV's.

The size for the EV's is 8" high by 4" at their widest. The clear screw top varieties are 3/8" taller to accommodate a cap. They were produced only in shades of blue, amber and clear, though some have been flashed or frosted.

All EV's have a number on the bottom, from 1 to 7. The number is most likely a cavity number from the mold the bottle was in. The EV's are ABM products which means they were made in an automatic bottle machine with no hand finishing. There are four categories corresponding to four slightly different neck types.

As opposed to the LV's and SV's, some EV's were made to hold liquids. They commonly have screw caps, which come in pink or light blue plastic, or metal with the words "Mary Lowell" in script.

LV's SV's BV's

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