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(or Small Violin)


The SV's are much less common than the LV's, and there are only 3 styles. One type was made by Clevenger, one by a Dell company, and the other is possibly also a Clevenger bottle. They were for sale as late as the 50's.

The size of an SV is approximately 7 1/4" high by 3" at their widest. The base is a little less than 1 1/4" thick. The shape of the sound hole is the best key as to which category a particular bottle belongs in. They also have a lady's leg neck, but it is less accentuated than is the case with the LV's. There is also one scarce type with a pontil.

The SV's are available in several colours, though they don't have the range of the LV's. Cobalt is known, but is scarce. Other colours available are clear, shades of blue, green, amber and amethyst.

As with the LV's, they are not reproductions of anything. They are smaller originals made to look like their LV cousins and were frequently offered for sale as a size choice along with an LV. Some of the Small Violin bottles have already approached and passed the 50 year-old mark.

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